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Pioggerella Shoecover


010 Black
Made to keep wind and rain off in mild to cool conditions. No insulation but great stretch for perfect fit.

"Pioggerella" is the Italian word for light rain or drizzle. This bootie was made for those conditions, or even heavier rain, but we made it to provide rain and wind protection without added insulation. This is for those spring or fall days with wet roads or light rain, or even cool weather with no threat of rain. It's not your bootie for extreme cold, but you'll be surprised how perfect it is for a lot of your riding. It has sealed seams, a waterproof zipper and a silicone-sealed top edge to keep water from entering, while the high stretch also gives it a close, comfortable and aero fit.

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Waterproof non-insulated bootie for cool and wet conditions Waterproof PU-coated stretch fabric Silicone bead at inside top of cuff to seal water out Wrap cuff construction to optimize fit Waterproof zipper High-durability material under foot