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Pr W Speed Suit


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Glacier Lake

This suit uses everything we know to make your next long-distance race your fastest ever. It was born from our aero research project at the Norwegian Technical University at Trondheim. Besides having a couple of brilliant professors and PhD students to come up with ideas and do the basic research, they have a couple of wind tunnels, rapid prototyping capabilities, CFD analysis and a true desire to make fast stuff. We've been working on aero technologies specifically relating to fabrics, construction and boundary-layer textures to make you cut through the wind. Due to the silicone ribs in the arms, this suit would be illegal in cycling but it's super fast for tri. The main body fabric is an impossibly light 50 denier — usually in sports clothing 40 denier is considered ultrafine. The legs and sleeves are long for aerodynamics, while the light fabrics are great for dealing with heat since they're thin enough to not get weighed down, yet the 8% Lycra® content holds a bit of moisture next to your skin for rapid cooling. The insane stretch allows us to make something that truly fits like a second skin on the bike but that doesn't restrict in any way on the swim or run. Our KISS Tri pad offers some welcome padding while you're on the bike but is thin enough to not bother you on the run. This suit delivers real time savings on the bike leg while providing cooling and comfort on the run, but it was made with the expectation of being worn under a swimskin or wetsuit for the swim. It's optimized for high speeds — top age groupers or pro athletes, or anyone looking to set a new PR.

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Pro-level long-distance race suit to deliver real aero benefits on the bike while providing comfort and cooling on the run
50-denier upper-body fabric is the thinnest, smoothest fabric for light weight and maximum aerodynamics
Active cooling for the run with moisture evaporating directly next to the skin
Silicone speed ribs on the sleeves induce turbulence to reduce drag on one of the most exposed parts of the body
Elbow-length sleeves and knee-length legs for maximum aerodynamics
2 rear pockets for ample nutrition storage
KISS Tri pad