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Pr 2 Speed Suit


059 Drive Blue
085 Light Black
Evolution of the record-breaking PR Speed Suit. Premio-based short portion for exceptional comfort and improved aerodynamics, especially in crosswind conditions. CFD and in-depth wind tunnel testing create the fastest triathlon racing suit, optimized for high speeds.

When starting from a suit that already holds the Kona bike course record and has achieved numerous 70.3 and long-distance victories in the past few years, potential for improvements might not be identifiable at first glance. But at Castelli we never tire of looking for that extra speed to provide a real performance advantage for top athletes. From extensive tests in the wind tunnel, we discovered significant differences in the leg portion, especially at certain yaw. That process led us to our fastest long-course race suit, which even provides improved comfort compared to its predecessor due to an almost seamless construction of the short portion and without any additional silicone gripper needed.

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Made to be the fastest option for half- and long-distance triathlons Significant aero benefits on the bike while providing comfort and cooling on the run Premio-based short portion for seamless comfort and outstanding aerodynamics 50-denier upper-body fabric is the thinnest, smoothest fabric for light weight and maximum aerodynamics Active cooling for the run, with moisture evaporating directly next to the skin Silicone speed ribs on the sleeves induce turbulence to reduce drag on one of the most exposed parts of the body Elbow-length sleeves and knee-length legs for maximum aerodynamics 2 rear pockets for ample nutrition storage KISS Tri pad