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Aero Race Shoecover


010 Black
For the days when you just want to keep the wind and rain out without any extra bulk. The thin, stretchy fabric forms to the shoe for a perfect, aero fit while blocking the wind and wet.

LESS IS MORE Sometimes less is more. The pros asked for a shoecover that was just enough to keep the wind out and as much rain as possible with no extra bulk or weight. We stripped out all the extra bells and whistles while still making a piece of kit that works. The fabric stretches to form to your shoe and blocks out the wind and wet. A silicone gripper inside the top of the cuff seals out water while keeping the bootie in place, and a long zipper makes for easy on and off. We've also added a high-durability fabric to the bottom of the bootie. It's an aero shoecover that blocks out wind and wet.

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Waterproof non-insulated aero bootie for cool and wet conditions Waterproof PU-coated stretch fabric Silicone bead at inside top of cuff to seal water out Waterproof zipper High-durability material under foot