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Body Paint 4.X Speed Suit


010 Black
Simply engineered to be the fastest suit for racing against the clock.

YOU'LL THANK THE UCI If we could we would keep this suit an industrial secret, a competitive advantage for our pro riders. But the UCI rules say we have to make it commercially available to keep the playing field even for all teams. So here it is. We don't want to give away too many of the secret details that make it so fast, but there are a few details that you can see: amazing fit in the TT position, slippery fabrics, reduced seaming, and long legs with flat endings and flat grip tape to keep them in place. The long sleeves have a thumb loop to prevent them from riding up. There's a window pocket on the back so you can place the race number out of the wind — and the window stretches and breathes, unlike others on the market. Hundreds and hundreds of hours have gone into engineering this suit. We don't say how many because we haven't even tried to keep count. We have access to the test facilities at the Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim, where our detailed process addresses fabric selection and suit construction. This suit was made for WorldTour riders. It's optimized for speeds above 45 km/h and for extreme positions. At those speeds and with the right setup it's the fastest suit we've ever tested. Thanks, UCI.

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Pure speed equipment, created for World Tour racing Developed over two years based on hundreds of hours of CFD analysis, wind tunnel testing and WorldTour racing Fabrics developed and tested extensively for maximum aerodynamics at speeds of 45 km/h and up Reduced seaming for maximum aerodynamics No-sew race number window to prevent number flapping in the wind Extra-long legs with flat leg endings with PU grip elastic on the inside