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Insider W Sleeveless


010 Black
421 Bordeaux
Indoor top ready for Zwift, Peloton, or when you go back to the gym. Keep cool and comfortable.

We've made this sleeveless top to actually cool you more than not wearing a top at all. It works because it will spread out sweat over a wider area to aid in evaporative cooling. Of course, it's not going to make your indoor sessions sweat-free, but it will make them more comfortable. It's intentionally simple and is cut close to body, and there's a zippered pocket on the back. We finish it with the HEIQ Fresh Tech natural odor-control treatment that prevents buildup of odor in the garment over time.

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3D Mesh lightweight 93% polyester / 7% elastane wicks moisture and dries quickly HEIQ Fresh Tech silver-free odor-control treatment Semi-open mesh allows maximum airflow and cooling Rear pocket