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Picchio Hoodie


369 Guacamole
385 North Atlantic
A hoodie with a sports-oriented approach, designed for casual wear. To allow us to breathe the outdoor atmosphere even when we’re far from our favorite playground, the mountains. The Picchio Hoodie, made of organic cotton, supports the imagination, which transports you to the highest peaks, to the crags, to explore woods and large natural spaces. All this thanks not only to the style but also to the material it’s made from. A natural, organic raw material. A cotton grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. What’s more, the cultivation of organic cotton allows for a 91% reduction in water use compared to that of standard cotton. Hypoallergenic and naturally breathable, organic cotton feels good against the skin, allowing you to experience the outdoors every day of the year.

Organic cotton hoodie, designed for casual wear. Style and natural fibers come together to allow you to experience the outdoors every day of the year.

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Classic-length hoodie. Drawcord around hood. Rib-knit fabric on cuffs and at bottom of garment. Kangaroo pockets.