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Lavaredo Long Boxer


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The Configuration Project, of which the Lavaredo Long Boxer is part, represents a new way of interpreting trail running, including over long distances. The Lavaredo Long Boxer, with its built-in belt, is a liner short designed to be used in combination with the Lavaredo Over Shorts. Going for a long run on mountain trails without a backpack? Impossible! Where do you put your water bottle? And your windproof jacket? Your energy bars, gloves, keys, phone? The Configuration Project, with the Lavaredo Long Boxer, answers all these questions. There are a series of pockets on the belt of the boxer that allow you to distribute the objects you choose to carry with you during your run, leaving the backpack at home and making your outing more comfortable. The six pockets are distributed on the sides, front, and back and allow you to carry gels, energy bars, keys, your phone, a supply of water, a small vest like the Lavaredo Vest or a jacket like the Lot Evo Jacket, a pair of gloves or arm warmers, a headband, or a hat to protect you from the sun. Running for a long time without the weight of a backpack creates an unparalleled feeling of freedom, as well as relieving your spine of excess weight and allowing for greater breathability on the back. Made of 117 g Sensitive® Plus, the Lavaredo Long Boxer immediately provides a feeling of incredible softness and comfort. Maximum breathability and quick drying are two properties whose benefits are immediately felt as soon as you lace up your shoes and start running up and down the most challenging trails. The waist belt, made of highly compressible elastic fabric, provides a perfect fit and ensures that you’re always comfortable when you want to access the objects in the pockets. The definitive shorts for running light, with everything you need and nothing more.

Perfect technical underwear for long distances, designed for running without a backpack, thanks to the belt with six built-in pockets. Ensures maximum breathability and quick drying.

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Front fly. Small side pockets for gel. Built-in belt with 4 pockets. Strap for quick opening of pockets. Ultra-flat seams to reduce chafing. Bonded leg endings and waist to eliminate chafing. Buttonholes for connecting with Lavaredo Short. Inseam length 26 cm.