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Pomedes W Fleece


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Above Rifugio Pomedes, in the heart of the Tofane, the first via ferrata in the Tofane was created in 1957. It climbs to the top of Tofana di Mezzo, with exposed and vertical passages. They say it’s one of the most difficult routes in the Dolomites, but also one of the most beautiful and panoramic … At least we thought so. On that metal cable we had fun, we sweated, we rested, we suffered, and finally we found the satisfaction that can only come from a day in the mountains. Afterward, we often thought back to that suspended time, to the feelings that still come back to us today. In the end, we couldn’t resist, and that jersey that we still didn’t know what to call we renamed Pomedes, because it would somehow remind us of that pleasurable time in our mountains. The Pomedes Fleece is a long-sleeved jersey with a front zip, perfect to use as a lightweight second layer when the temperature is a bit cooler, or during ascents at high elevations. Soft and comfortable against the skin, the comb stitching reduces chafing and irritation.

Long-sleeve jersey with a front zip, perfect as a lightweight second layer. Soft and comfortable, the comb stitching reduces chafing and rubbing.

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Full-length front zip. Two front zippered pocket. Comb stitching to reduce chafing.