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Noghera Bermuda


270 Ombre Blue
369 Guacamole
385 North Atlantic
415 Gibraltar Sea
715 Olive Oil
Sometimes magic happens in a few seconds, like when you’re facing that sequence of moves that you’ve fallen on countless times. Just one more attempt, you tell yourself, and suddenly everything feels natural. You move from hold to hold with shocking ease. It’s a magical flow, created in seconds. Like when you raise your eyes in the summer and see a shooting star go by. A moment that makes you feel alive. A feeling that motivates you to do better, that drives you to climb even when the conditions are hot and muggy. The Noghera Bermuda, the short version of the Noghera Pants, was conceived for these days. Made of garment-dyed cotton, the shorts offer exceptional comfort thanks to the elastic waist. And since they look like casual wear, they're also perfect for travel and leisure. Designed for dreaming.

Exceptionally comfortable Bermuda shorts. They were designed for climbing, but the style and functionality make them perfect for casual wear as well, especially on the hottest days.

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Elastic waist with button fly. Open front pockets with small coin pocket. Open back pockets. Printed panels. Inseam length 30 cm.