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Fast Feet Road Shoecover


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Castelli's Fast Feet project: aerodynamic foot coverings for every condition. The road shoecover is made for racing and training in cool conditions and combines aerodynamics with full wind protection and good water protection.The silicone-coated stretch fabric smooths airflow over the feet while keeping out wind and rain. The ankle seam is taped to further enhance water protection, while the cuff has a silicone bead to prevent water from entering from the top.It's not insulated, so it's not made for cold conditions, but from 8C/45F and up it offers good protection while maximizing aerodynamics.

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Castelli's Fast Feet project – for road racing in cool and wet conditions.
Aerodynamic, windproof, waterproof.
Silicone-coated smooth waterproof stretch fabric.
Step-down trip strips on side of leg help detach airflow.
Seam sealed to keep water out.
YKK® rear zipper.
Reflective details.