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Diluvio One Glove


010 Black
Made to keep your hands warm and dry in cool and wet conditions, while being half the normal thickness for improved dexterity. Premium neoprene with silicone grip on the palms and glued waterproof seams add to the comfort.

This glove was born in Belgium. Our pros who race the classics asked for a neoprene glove as thin as we could make it while still keeping their hands warm and dry. This is the ONE glove that does just that. The neoprene is as thin as 1.5 millimeters for maximum dexterity. The silicone grippers on the palm make sure your hands won't slip off the bars on the roughest trails or bumpiest cobbles. The wrist is cut long so rain won't flow into the glove or leave a gap between your long-sleeve jersey or warmers and the glove. There are also touchscreen fingertips in case you need to produce photographic proof that the cobbles really are that bumpy.

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1.5-2mm neoprene insulation to keep your hands warm in wet conditions Grip print on palm Touchscreen technology at fingertip Extended neoprene cuff to keep wind and rain out